The Southwestern United States is still the wild west of the undaunted American dream. However,  it is also a polarized place – from our prison systems and water rights to our history of immigration control and Native American displacement. It is a stunning landscape that leaves one awed by its grandeur. It is a place where man’s attempt to control natural resources is clearly dwarfed by its scale. In attempting to control the landscape and shape the environment of the Southwestern United States through our earnest fervor for its natural resources, we scar the land and ourselves.

As we fortify our borders with walls to protect the All American Dream, we place buoys in the irrigation canals, which serve as a common crossing point on the southern border. The buoys were a reaction to the hundreds of immigrants who have died crossing the All American Canal in search of that All American Dream. Water and agricultural production issues become urgent as the West continues to experience severe drought. Land manipulation is evident as we harness energy resources, expand our population, grow our neighborhoods, and thrive in the West.