WANTED, 1973                                                                                              After WANTED, 2022

The original halftone poster Wanted by Philip Lief and Marcel Feigel c. 1973 Watergate.
"When this mock FBI poster with the faces of twenty “wanted” men was printed, only President Richard Nixon had not yet been “apprehended.” The group’s downfall began on January 30, 1973, when the five Watergate burglars—James McCord (1924– 2017), Virgilio González (1926–2014), Bernard Barker (1917–2009), Eugenio Martínez (c. 1922–2021), and Frank Sturgis (1924–1993)— were convicted and sentenced. Gordon Liddy (1930–2021) and E. Howard Hunt (1918–2007), former FBI and CIA agents, respectively, were arrested for organizing the break-in. Both were convicted of burglary, wiretapping, and conspiracy.
In March 1973, McCord was the first to admit that he and the other defendants had been pressured to plead guilty and perjure themselves to cover up the involvement of White House aides and employees of the Committee to Re-Elect the President. After this revelation, the rest of the men shown here soon found themselves indicted on various criminal charges. It was clear that Nixon was involved—and the next step would be to prove it." - National Portrait Gallery

Fifty years later, After Wanted ( Halftone poster 29x22, numbered edition) addresses the ongoing criminal investigation into the January 6 coup attempt.